My name is Morgan Sinsel, I’m a natural light, vintage inspired photographer in central Nebraska. I love to photograph people as they are. I’ve developed my own style to make my pictures sharp and bright.

Each experience I have behind the lens gives me a glimpse into your life. When I photograph you I get to tell your unique story, your personality, your love, and your family. The images I create reflect the qualities you bring to the world.

I believe photos really are forever. People leave us, memories fade, but a great set of photos can and do last a lifetime and longer.

I strive to please all clients and pride myself on creating beautiful works of art. I make a considerable effort to go above and beyond your expectations. It’s truly a blessing that I’m getting to live my dream every single day.

A little about me…I love photography (obviously), clothes, sweat pants, coffee, vintage, My loving and very supportive family, my amazing boyfriend of 8 years, food (something more salty, but I love my sweets as well), traveling, obsessed with peoples eyes and the color of them, tattoos (yes, I love them, they tell more about a person than a lot of other things), biggest pet peeve (people who are late), love to have fun, movies and popcorn with extra butter and salt (especially some lawry’s seasoning salt on my popcorn! Yum!)

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have or to book a session. You inspire me so let me inspire you.


  1. by Jenn Miller on August 22, 2014  10:18 am Reply

    Awesome website Morgan! Don't know if this is where i should leave this note, Love it and Love you! Good Luck!

  2. by Nancee on August 28, 2014  10:14 pm Reply

    This came together so well! It looks beautiful! I'm so proud of you and how far you have come with this business.
    You do a fantastic job with your pictures and have a great eye and see things in your images that people wouldn't
    normally see. I'm so happy for you, that you can do something that you enjoy doing and do such a fantastic job!
    Love you so much!

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