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  • Gentry | Newborn

  • Gentry | Newborn Kennesaw, NE the cutest, cuddliest, sleepy, sweet little boy ever! his hair amazes me on how freaking much he has as a newborn. CRAZY! but soo darn cute!!! he's a little keeper and i told mom and dad that he could just stay with me. I can'[...]
  • Grant | Senior 2018

  • Grant | Senior 2018 Minden, NE Here's Grant and he's pretty awesome!! His session was a fun one and we had like a million shots to get those perfect sports shots that he wanted. Senior year goes by fast and the older you get the faster time goes. Enjoy you[...]
  • Eloise | Newborn

  • Eloise Sue | Newborn Lincoln, NE hellooo sweet Eloise!! this beautiful babe made her arrival a couple weeks early! Totally fine with that cause we all wanted to meet her anyways. Full head of hair, loved by a big family, beyond loved by her mommy and dadd[...]
  • mUdDiN

  • mUdDiN | Girls Minden, NE My absolute FAVORITE session to this day!!! I would take these girls pictures any day, all day. We had fun playing in the mud and these girls didn't mind getting completely muddy at all! They dove right in and started a mud figh[...]
  • Emersyn | Newborn

  • Emersyn | Newborn Kearney, NE I got the privilege to go to the hospital the morning after this sweet sweet little girl was born to take pictures of her. This was something new to me as the world was to her. It wasn't even a full 24hrs after she was born wh[...]
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