Brenden | Senior

Brenden | Senior 2015

Hutchinson , KS

This has been one of the more fun shoots I’ve done in a while. I got to travel all the way down to Kansas to take pictures of this stud. Brenden is one of my cousins, so it made it more fun to take his senior pictures. As you can see by scrolling down and seeing all his sports pictures, your probably starting to realize that he loves sports and cared more about those pictures more than any of them. Something that most of you wouldn’t know by looking at all his pictures, and only the Miller side of the family would understand. Brenden absolutely HATES to lose (just like the rest of his family especially his dad), he’s very competitive! Look at the first picture, it tells a lot about him and his love and dedication to his sports and team. Good Luck with your senior year B and stop growing up.


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