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  • Grant | Senior 2018

  • Grant | Senior 2018 Minden, NE Here's Grant and he's pretty awesome!! His session was a fun one and we had like a million shots to get those perfect sports shots that he wanted. Senior year goes by fast and the older you get the faster time goes. Enjoy you[...]
  • Brian | Senior 2016

  • Brian | Senior Minden, NE Brain was a guy of only a few words. He is one who could careless if he had his pictures taken at all! But his mom and sister made sure they annoyed him enough to get through his session.
  • Lily | Senior 2016

  • Lily | Senior Minden, NE Oh Miss Lily is absolutely gorgeous! It was so much fun going out to her family farm and taking her senior pictures. This lady is talented in sooo many ways! She is beautiful inside and out!
  • Adam | Senior 2016

  • Adam DeLaet Minden, NE And time just keeps going faster and faster.... It is crazy to think that Adam is a senior already! I have known Adam since he was born and have been family friends with his family forever! It's always so great to watch people gro[...]
  • MaShayla | Senior

  • MaShayla | Senior | Minden High School '15 Minden, NE This Beautiful Girl>>> I had so much fun getting to shoot MaShayla's senior pictures! I never get to photograph girls, ever! I only ever get boys (I love all the people I do get to photography[...]
  • Creighton | Senior

  • Creighton | Senior | Overton High School Overton, NE Another senior boy in the books! I won't complain that I always get boys for senior pictures and with little kids. They are pretty easy to work with and are really laid back. Creighton was very patient w[...]
  • Jaden | Senior

  • Jaden | Senior | Minden High School '15 Minden, NE One thing that is great about taking pictures is that with some clients I get, I’ve known them for a very long time, or I have had the privilege of watching some of them grow up and become toddlers, teenag[...]
  • Brenden | Senior

  • Brenden | Senior 2015 Hutchinson , KS This has been one of the more fun shoots I've done in a while. I got to travel all the way down to Kansas to take pictures of this stud. Brenden is one of my cousins, so it made it more fun to take his senior pictures.[...]
  • Alex | Senior | Kearney High 2015

  •  Alex | Senior 2015 Kearney, NE His EYES!!! I absolutely love it when I get to "shoot" people with amazingly pretty eyes, plus Alex had a great sense of fashion! He knew how to dress himself without his moms help with senior pictures. I had a great time wo[...]
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