What to Wear

Do wear color!  And lots of it! Coordinate colors, not matching.

Layer, Layer, Layer! You can always take layers off. Layers look great in pictures and add great texture to photos.

Wear Patterns – Stripes, plaids, animal print ( but don’t over do them) Textures are your friend

Accessorize!!! Scarves, jewelry, hats, bows, anything that’ll make it pop more!

If you can’t figure out colors to wear for your session, take a look at your home decor. Bright colors? Neutrals? You will most likely be hanging these photos in your home and want to go with a color scheme in your home.

Plan ahead! After you book your session, go out and find those outfits for you and your family, fiancé, kids, etc. Let me know what you want ( message me a picture of your outfits! I love knowing what I get to work with).